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ESH Community is a professional independent not-for-profit organisation, so we’re able to offer competitive prices without compromising the quality of the service we provide. Our focus is on individual personalised support which is essential to achieving our proven track record of success. We're small, we care and our experienced professional staff get people well!


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18th August 2022



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UK news

Priced out: The impact of the rising cost of living on people with multiple unmet needs (PDF)

This report shines a light on the devastating impact of the rising cost of living on the people who access our services, many of whom have existing vulnerabilities including lasting experiences of poverty, discrimination and trauma | Changing Lives, UK

'It's not a crime to use drugs': How Northern Ireland can learn from Portugal on drug crisis

A Portuguese drugs policy expert, who helps run a programme of decriminalisation, says addicts need to considered as "sick people in need of help" with addiction treated as "a chronic disease" | ITV, UK

Imperial addiction researchers showcase work to improve treatments & reduce harm

Dame Professor Carol Black, who led the government’s independent review on drugs, visited the Division of Psychiatry's addiction research group | Imperial College London, UK

Using Medical Cannabis To Treat ADHD & Fibromyalgia - Rosie's Story | Project Twenty21

Rosie talks about how medical cannabis has helped her with ADHD and Fibromyalgia | Drug Science, UK

Recovery Games 24-Sep -2022 – Initial Registration Form

Registrations are now open - Recovery Games 2022 is back bigger, louder and prouder. The games are happening on the 24-Sep-22 at an activity and water park in Doncaster | Aspire, UK

Episode 17 - Fundraising Marathons with Clare and David

We’re joined by Clare Morrison, our Community Fundraiser, and David Wandrum, a supporter of Scottish Families who ran the Loch Ness Marathon last year and raised an incredible £1,156 | SFAD, UK

MIMoS Study: Sexual Assault Referral Centres, Mental Health & Substance Use

Mon, 5 September 2022. The MIMOS study evaluated Sexual Assault Referral Centres in England with regard to mental health and substance use | Mental Elf, UK



International news

Stop drinking, keep reading, look after your hearing: a neurologist’s tips for fighting memory loss and Alzheimer’s

When does forgetfulness become something more serious? And how can we delay or even prevent that change? We talk to brain expert Richard Restak | Guardian, UK

Part One: Digital High Level Advocacy Tips - video

The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated an important shift in how high-level advocacy is conducted. This shift means that now, more than ever, high-level advocacy is often conducted in online rather than in-person environments. In part one of this video series, we provide some tips on how community-led organisations and networks of people who use drugs can prepare themselves to conduct effective high-level advocacy in online environments | INPUD, UK

Japan’s government launches competition to get people drinking

Contest asks young adults for ideas to revitalise popularity of alcoholic drinks after big fall in tax revenues | Guardian, UK

Cigarette butts: how the no 1 most littered objects are choking our coasts

An estimated 4.5tn tobacco filters are littered each year and many end up in oceans with deadly consequences | Guardian, UK

Coffee and cigarettes: Research sheds new light on nicotine and morning brew

For some smokers, the first cigarette of the day is just not as satisfying without a cup of coffee. That could be more than just a morning habit: Chemical compounds in roasted coffee beans may help lighten the effects of morning nicotine cravings, University of Florida researchers have found | EurekAlert, USA

Fentanyl Purity, Potency, & Synthesis: Real-Time Testing of Opioid Drug Products in the United States

A partnership between the Center for Forensic Science Research and Education (CFSRE) and the Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH) has been established to accurately assess the drug supply in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. This initiative was established as a comprehensive effort examining various drug materials and drug forms, in both qualitative and quantitative fashions | CFSRE, USA

High-Nicotine Vapes Don’t Increase Nicotine Use Compared With Smoking, Study Finds

A new study published in Nicotine and Tobacco Research suggests that vaping products with higher nicotine levels are more effective at helping people cut down on combustible cigarettes without increasing their overall nicotine use | Filter Magazine, USA

Will Gov. Newsom Veto California’s Safe Consumption Site Bill?

Physicians who treat people with substance use disorder in California are among those urging Governor Gavin Newsom to sign legislation, SB 57, that would permit Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland to pilot safe consumption sites (SCS). Newsom has until August 22 to make a decision | Filter Magazine, USA


Blogs, comment and opinion

Can More Training Curb The Lethal Police Forces of Brazil?

Public security is one of the main topics during electoral campaigns in Brazil. As usual, during interviews and debates, presidential and gubernatorial hopefuls are encouraged to talk about their perspectives on policing, the criminal justice system, and drug policy. Drugs, as it is widely known, are still a matter of public security and policing instead of being approached within a health and well-being framework | Talking Drugs, UK

We're Approaching the Overdose Crisis All Wrong

We need more support for treatment and harm reduction interventions proven to work | MedPage Today, UK

San Francisco’s latest Tenderloin drug crime crackdown is doomed to fail. Here’s why

“Another two to three years, I do think we’ll see some things turn around down here,” said Capt. George Kowalski, a 29-year veteran of the San Francisco Police Department, discussing the latest crackdown on drugs and crime in the Tenderloin | SF Examiner, USA